Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had fun last night playing with reflections, and thought I would share my pages.

The first one is of my dog Hooch. I often use these photos of Hooch when learning new techniques because of the plain backgrounds.  I first made a Word Art Frame with his name, added his pictures and converted it to a Bitmap.

Then I copied the Bitmap, reversed it and butted it up against the first picture, using tools like Transparency and Blur effects, I made it appear as a reflection of the top photo.

In  the following page:

 I used two photos that my DH took of a Sun Set and water.
I first took the sunset picture, copied and reversed the second image, butted it up against the first, applying the same techniques as I used in my page of Hooch. Then I took the second Picture of water, used the transparent effects and layered it on top of the second photo.
Added the boat, ducks and lab puppy and came up with a very peaceful page.
Hope you enjoy my pages..

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