Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crafting with Buttons & Button Jewelry Tutorials with Miriam's Crafting Supplies.

Wanted to share a few button projects, I made for Miriam's Crafting Supplies 
Right now if you use buttons to create a project, Miriam's is having a contest to win a $10 Gift Certificate to her store. See more info Here:

So here are a few projects I made, hope they inspire you to grab some buttons and start creating. 
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First I 'd like to show you my Charm bracelet made with wooden buttons, from Miriams, a few charms, so cute.. love the butterfly buttons.. 


Step 1: Gather materials
jump rings, chain measured to fit you,a claps, buttons, and various charms and beads, silver Jewelry wire.

Step 2 cut wire and insert into button as shown

Step 3: Make a loop

Step 4: Wrap another cut of wire around loop

it should look like this.

Attach to chain with Jump Rings Take your other button and attach to the chain directly instead of making a dangle charm.

Continue to Add your charms, beads ect where you like and your done.


What you need.. Look threw your stash for beads, buttons from Mariams, Earring hooks and Eye Pins

Step 1

Step 2 Trim eye pin about half way and bend at an angle as shown

Step 3: Twist into a loop

Step 4: add your earring hook.
and  Finish by adding a bead or charm at the bottom, Make your own earrings to match any outfit.

Thanks for Checking out my Blog... Don't forget to make something with buttons and enter Miriam's Contest..  Here:

Virginia Dare

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