Friday, May 10, 2013

Flower Pendant-Charm with Mairam's Crafting Supplies

I want to share this Flower Pendant I made for my mother for Mother's Day. Everything you see can be purchased from Miriam's Crafting supplies except the chain, jumprings and lace.

I hope I'll be able to talk you thru how I made it and I really hope you try to make one as well.

It's easy fun and turned out lovely I think.

Here's the list of supplies you will need as well as the tools required:
Needle Nose Pliers two pair or one regular pair and one needle nose.
Some large link chain.. I used some from my part's and pieces tub of dismantled Jewelry.
Jump Rings, several to hang your charms with and at least one small enough to go thru the 
hole already in the flower.
E600 adhesive or equivalent 

From Miriams you will need the following:
~Copper Tone Metal Flower 
~an assortment of charms, I used the key, tree of life, leaf and owl on my pendant- You can find these items here:
~ You will need 6 flat back pearls I used the 5 MM AB Pearl in black 
You can find them here:

~ Flat back Rhinestone AB Crystal 5 MM in Size 
You can find them Here:

Start by making your tassle by adding your charms to your chain using jumprings
the little beads you see here were part of my stash and already on chain I just took them off
and moved them where I wanted them.

Then Add the Chain Charm Tassel to the hole in your flower using a small jumpring 

Then add a larger Jumpring thru the top of the flower shown here to hang it on your
lace or chain to wear, you can also add a small pen back to it and where it as a broach or if you chose
hang it on a mini or other project.

Next add your Pearls and Rhinestone with your E6000 as Shown 
and your done... It makes a fab addition to the flower don't you think?

If your unsure how to use jumprings there are lots of instructional videos on Youtube that will show you how.

Now here is the finished Pendant.. I hope you enjoyed my post and will try to make one of your own..

Virginia Dare

PS.  I chose the charms for the meaning behind them each one has a different symbolism  choose charms for your project that speak to you Miriams has a wide array to choose from.


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