Saturday, January 12, 2013

Faux Modeling Paste Mix Media Fairy Box

Today I'm sharing this Fairy Box  I made for Angela Holts Designs Creative Team Challenge Blog. Using a Faux modeling paste I came up with based on a Technique Idea By Fiona Jennings on Youtube (Jennings644) she used a product called Artist Spackle which is very similar to Modeling Paste. I could not find Artist Spackle and Modeling Paste is pretty expensive so I experimented and made my own.

Have Fun and Happy Creating.

Virginia Dare


Paint your box with Gesso I used a simple paper mache box

Using Graphic 45 Paper from "Once Upon a Spring Time, I cut out the images I wanted.

To Make your Faux Modeling Paste Combine the following found at Family Dollar Stores

With Mod Podge Matt or Glossy

What your working towards making is a Faux Version of This

This is what the Spackling Paste Looks Like
it's dry and feathery light in consistency

In a container add some spackling

Pour in some Mod Podge a little at a time, you
will be using more spackling than mod podge

Your Goal is to come up with the same
consistency of Modeling Paste Shown Here.

Your end results of your mixture should look
like this. * If your mixture starts to be runny as
you are working with it add more spackling

Now Get out your spays and powders
I used the following from Lindy's Stamp Gang

And Pearl Ex Aztec Gold

Using mod podge on the back of your images
adhear them to your dry box

Next with a spatula add your faux modeling paste
as if your icing a cake, you can create the texture
you want, or make it smooth it's up to you.
Apply it around your images on all 4 sides.
Carefully to not get it on the parts of the image
you want to show. If that happens you can scrape it
up with your spatula

Next use your two darker colors
spray or paint it on the paste while it's
wet. Darker Color first

This next part was trial and error for
me, placing the pearls where I wanted
I then ended up having to glue them on later
in the indentions made in the paste
after it was completely dry (Over Night)

Make sure you leave room for your
top to fit. Again Oops on my part,
while your paste is wet still use
your spatular to create a line
so your top fits like in photo above

Now Spackle your top and color..

While your Box is Drying..
Find the goodies you want to
embellish your box with.

I found this fairy in a thift store and
colored her with alcohol inks.
You can decorate your box however you wish.

I set my Fairy in place on top of the box while
it was still wet to make an indention where I wanted her to
be I used a *quick dry glue on the base and pushed her down into the
(*Mixed Media Glue from Canvas Corp
but you can use E600 or any similar glue)

Let box Dry overnight! Very Important
Add your finishing touches Beads Trim
and rub the Pearl Ex where you wish to
add Gold Touch up any area that may need
more color.

Paint over with Floor Wax to add a shine or use glossy accents Optional



  1. WOW! This is so beautiful......XOXO

  2. Oh my this is fabulous....simply gorgeous.
    hugz Lorraine xx

  3. This is really cool. Love your idea, colors are pretty too. So glad you posted.

    Smiles Sher


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