Friday, January 6, 2012

My Disorganized Organized Chaos

The Craft Room of Shame Award should go to me, if there was such an award.
I've spent money and time and time and money trying to get organized, so I can find things.
When I think I've got it, I find out quicly I don't..

My biggest issues with my current solution, which was to buy tons of plastic shoe boxes, is not being able to easily find things despite writing on the outside of the box and the fact they are clear. Then you have all the tiny things like beads, and glitter and bling and such that get lost in the chaos. I really thought this was going to be the greatest thing when I bought all these tubs and stuffed them full.  Not being able to quickly find stuff, and having to make sure boxes stacked on boxes do not fall on my head when I need one on the bottom is no fun at all.

I know one problem I have is not putting things away correctly, that I know I really need to work on. The other problem that I have no way of changing is my room is very very small, about the size of a walk-in closet. It is actually a side porch that I use for my craft room, one day I hope to have a bigger room but until then, I live with the chaos and clutter of a way too tiny space that I wish I could make more user friendly.

I have crates that hold paper, which is another huge problem, the paper seems to run away from me and the way it is organized I can't find what I want without having to pull stacks of paper off a shelf and go through it, by the time I finish hunting down everything I want to use for a project I'm too tired to do the project.

Have you ever found yourself too tired to do a project after spending so much time looking for what you need, it's discouraging and makes you loose your mojo really quickly.

I now have 3 large tubs that currently will not fit in my craft room sitting in my living room.. Yes it migrates crafty stuff, it certainly does.. I believe it has a mind of its own.. and it will not be contained.. LOL

I will continue to fight the war to contain my crafty stuff, although I seem to be constantly loosing the battle..


 It's not fun when stuff falls on your head.. Nope not fun at all.
 My Desk has become a catch all, as I try to find places for stuff that has migrated to other parts of the house.
and behind that is the Tower of Paper that seems will never be tamed.

The one thing I like about my room is the curtain rods on the wall that I hang my ribbon on..


  1. I jumped to your blog from Crafts Unleashed. After seeing your pics of the shoe boxes I'm wondering if you could build some wall shelves or get a shelving unit to put the shoeboxes on. Maybe only stacking 2or 3 on top of each other on shelving would make it easier to get to them without them all tumbling down on you. Or (a more costly solution) get some of those plastic cabinets with drawers that roll around. They can be stacked on top of each other too. I know this organizing thing can really be a challenge. I find myself rearranging stuff all the time looking for better solutions. My current challenge is how to store my paper...ugh! Good luck with your organizing and hope you find something that works for you. Cindy

  2. I find that cardstock is best stored in plastic Magazine holders.(office supply section) I lay them on their side (so look for ones that have a flat side to them) and place them on a shelving unit. Looks like your tower would work. With the cardstock on the 11 inch side, it's easy to pluck out the sheet you need. I even store my 12x12 the same way.


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