Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stop Theft of Digital Art and Digital Images.

Artiest work hard on what they make and share, to take a persons work and call it your own, sell it share it or what have you with out permission is the same as going to a store and shoplifting!
Support Artiest by showing you care about their effort and work. 

Don't Take an image and call it your own when you know it's not!
Many artiest have TOUs ( Terms of Use) included on their sites or in there files when you purchase them. Mine is posted right here on my blog and also included in my downloads.  Digital Scrapbookers and Digital Stamp users, please respect the work of the artiest and read the TOUs if you have a question, many of the artiest within this community welcome you to contact them. If you wish to use an item for something and are not sure if it's allowed, ask.

While browsing around for freebies and we all do, as many are legit; if  you see a digital stamp posted as a freebie, or a digital element posted as a freebie or for sale on someones site, that you know isn't their work. Don't use it. Report it. Stop Theft. Many of the stamps I've seen that are stolen are inferior, they will not print in a high resolution anyway using them is just waisting your time.

Here are some  links where you can find out more information.

The Myths and Realities of Digital Image Theft

 Plagiarism and Art Theft

Copyright Infringement

There are many more sites to find out even more, in this case when in doubt check it out before using the image, stamp, png, file tube, poser or what have you.

I personally have not experienced my work being stolen. I hope that I never do. I know of many artiest that have had that problem and in the end it hurts everyone in the digital art community.

Thank you for reading my post.



  1. All the typos, grammatical errors, and poor spelling of this post makes it very difficult to take seriously.

  2. Dear Anonymous
    I thank you for telling me about the typo's I've tried correcting the post and hopes that I caught the problems. I wrote this rather quickly. If I have not caught everything, I feel the information the post contains is still relevant.

  3. CSafe is developing a related product, PixSell, that more tightly integrates the viewing and payment steps, according to Daniel Schreiber, cSafe chief executive officer.


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