Sunday, September 6, 2009

Media Hype and Pitbulls..

Why does the media seem to show so much bad press about pitbulls?

It gets attention, it's sensationalism at it's best. It sells newspapers and gets veiwer reaction on TV. Statistics show that mored dog bites are form breeds such as poodles, Chihuahuas and other small dogs than Pitbulls. Statistics also show that pitbulls are the breed listed top with the highest scores in Canine Good Citizens Tests. They can and do under the right hands go on to be great canine citizens, therapy d0gs, drug sniffing dogs, search and rescue dogs and more!

Why does what seem like a normal sweet natured pitbull bite, for the same reasons any other breed will, like these for instance.
1. Bad Breeding
2. Improper socialization
3. Lack of obedience training
4. Neglect
5. Fear6. Abuse

7. The owners inabillity to understand teh needs of his breed, his dog, his pet.

8. Resource Gaurding (very typical in Retrievers, small dogs and many other breeds)

I can go on on but most dog lovers who have doen thier homework and researched the breed that they are interested in adding to the family do the right things that the breeds it's temperment activity level ect ask for.It's the people who impusle shop for a puppy that do not research the breed and do not make sure the this breed will fit into thier family's lifesytle that end up with an un-happy difficult dog.It's not the breed of the dog, it's the way the dog is handled and raised the makes a dog a biter.

I have seen many, many abused pitbulls. I can only say that it's not breed standard for human aggression in APBT's in fact it is frowned upon highly by pitbull enthusiasts and breeders, it's not typical of the breed.Even dog fighters will not breed an pitbull that is human aggressive, because they have be able to handle teh dog during some pretty extreme and painful situations even a dog fighter won't have a dog that bites them. Most dogs will bite in fear,shock or as a defense when badly hurt, a pitbull will lick your hand even with his body torn up bleeding in shock.It's un-ethical breeders, back yard breeders and idiots who breed without considering temperment that breed dogs that give Pits a bad rap.It's owners who think it's fun to fight, usually young men, from urban back ground or who grew up in families that fought dogs. This is not a racial thing, Black, White, Urban or Country. Pitbulls are still being fought, they are still often seen as status symbols from the Inner Cities to the Deep South. Pitbulls are so people pleasing that they will do anything thier master asks of them and do it well. If their master wants them to attack then that's what they will do, if thier master asks them to fight then they will fight to the death!

Now to make things even more iteresting not all "pitbulls' in the media are really pitbulls. The name Pitbull is a catch all name for a lot of different breeds the resembles a certain bully look.

All of these breeds are consider pitbulls, by media, legislation and others.

The American Pitbull Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier (AKC's name for the APBT)

The English Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier

The American Bully or The American Bulldog whichever you prefer.

To name a few, then you have mixes of these breeds, and mixes of these breeds with other mastiff type brees, such as the English Mastiff, Cane Corsa, Italian Mastiff, and Rottie not to mention the mixes of the bully breeds listed above.

In the media they are all pitbulls if it looks like a duck it's a duck right, wrong! Not in the case of Pitbulls anyway. In a lot of media cases where a dog was dubbed a pitbull, in fact it was not a pitbull, but a mix breed of pit and something or some other mastiff type dog. Who have not been trained correctly or badly breed.

Your watching the news or reading the newspaper which headline would grab your attention more?

Baby Mauled By Pitbull

Baby sent to ER after attack by a 5lb Chihuahua

Sensationalism at it's Best!!!

The difference bether the bite of a pitbull and the bite of a Chihuahua is the a a pits bite does more damange, not because of the breed but because of the size.

Tie any dog to a logging chain in the back yard, throw food at it when it's lucky, Bring it out only to brag to your friends at about the bad A**! dog you have. Throw him in the ring with anther dog hell bent on ending it's life, you will get one a fear biter,a chewed up dog, a dead dog, or a dog so mixed up and confused it is mentally damaged and yeah you will get a dog that without socialzation or training may or man not attack when provoked or when it concieves he may be in danger, THIS IS ANY BREED..

I may not have written this as eloquently as some and I may have some typos and misspelled words, but I believe in and stand behind the pitbull breed whole heartily.They are the most abused dog breed out here, and one of the most people pleasing family dog breeds there is.

Can you look into the eyes of and abused pit on death row, and not feel the deep sadness radiating off him, and walk away because after all "Its only a pitbull they are "bad" dogs who cares about Ptibulls anyway"I Care..

I have seen some pretty bad cases and I can't walk away from that pain, I have had pitbulls all my life, my family, friends and neighbors have had them and I have never been bitten by a pitbull Ever! I have worked in rescue and have been bitten by a lab, a chihuahua, a poodle mix and a cocker spaniel, but never by a pitbulll, and some of the pitbulls I've seen had been thru Hell and were still glad to see you when you walked by thier kennel wagging their tails eager to just lick your hand and and sit by you. I urge you to google pit bulls, go to pitbull websites, forums and learn about this wonderful breed, and all it's been through.

The PitBull Terrier is AMERICA's Dog Dont Give Up on Him!

By VRB cc 2009

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